There is so much to know about fashion besides what is in style for the current year. Learning about all the fashion designers and what led them into the world of fashion is most intriguing.

What Do You Know About Jeans?

There are plenty of different ways that one can do some research about fashion and once you get started you won’t want to quit. For example, you may be very surprised as to where the world jeans come from. It was actually the name given to the cotton pants worn by the Genoan sailors with the proper spelling being Genes. In the Us, it is estimated that each individual owns about 7 pairs of this type of attire.

Hot Spots for the Fashion World

Anyone living in Canada is going to get their fair share of exposure to the fashion world. But the hot spots of the world for fashion happen to be Milan, Paris, London and New York. Yet, the first fashion magazine originated in Germany back in 1586.

How Much Do Women Really Spend On Clothing?

Most will be shocked when they learn the answer to this but for women who are expected to live to the age of eighty, it is estimated that she will spend about $125,000. on her attire.

When Did Children’s Clothing Make Their Own Fashion Statement?

Up until the mid -1800s there was no difference between the clothing that adults wore and what the children dressed in. Finally following this they were able to have their own identity through their clothing.

One of the Most Favoured Pieces of Clothing

Almost everyone owns at least on tee shirt referring to both genders. This is such a popular item of clothing that the yearly sales for it are estimated to surpass two billion tee shirts sold each year.