Many of the men from Canada like to do their online shopping from Canadian based stores because they are more in tune with the Canadian weather and styles. It used to be that it was only women that shopped online but that has quickly changed. Either the men do their own online fashion shopping or the women do it online for them. They have plenty of choices to choose from.

Urban Outfitters

This store is not just restricted to men as they cater to women as well. They also have several on land stores for those who prefer to shop in person. Urban Outfitters originated in the States in 1970 but soon branched out into other countries like Canada. They adopted the Canadian fashion style and this soon led them to great success. Their online shopping portal gives the male shoppers the convenience they are looking for and plenty of choices for trendy attire.

Hudson Bay

Again another online store serving the Canadian men but have included all types of other products. Their online offerings for men is extensive, but there are also plenty of stores on land for those guys who prefer to shop in person.

Roden Gray

This is classed as a boutique type fashion store which puts men on par with women when it comes to fashionable clothing. It first opened as a very small boutique type fashion store in Vancouver and has now grown to the point where it has its own brand called Mr. Gray.


For those men who wish to make a fashion statement by wearing clothes out of the norm then they will want to shop at Haven. What they have to offer is unique but has that wow factor to it. They tend to cater to the younger generation which find their clothing choices most appealing.

This section of online fashion stores that cater to men is diverse in what they have to offer.