Fashion design takes on many different forms. At one time the only practice used by a designer to get themselves known was to be good enough to earn a spot on the runway. This has somewhat changed in the fashion world, although the runway does still hold the top spot for showcasing fashion design.

Chantelle Brown Young

This young lady better known as Winnie Harlow was born in Canada and was subjected to a distasteful disease called vitiligo. Which is a skin pigmentation disease that is prominently noticeable and can affect any part of the body. For Winnie, it has been a challenge that she has had to battle with all her life. As a result of it during her younger years she was bullied and harassed with name calling that consisted of calling her a cow or a zebra. It got to the point that she went into homeschooling to avoid being taunted.

Turning a Tragedy Into A Success

Some may think that Winnie would have adopted a lifestyle of isolation but she is a true success when it comes to the fashion world. She has become the icon for the Desigual Label. It must make all those who were the insulters during her school years feel somewhat embarrassed, and if it doesn’t then it should.

The Turning Point

Although Winnie hade learned to live with her affliction she did so with confidence. It was due to the encouragement of Shannon Boodram that led Winnie into the world of fashion. It had not been her intention to be a model, but instead was keen on being an entertainment journalist. This is truly an inspirational story that is so fitting for the fashion industry, and one that all those that are dealing with challenges in life should take to heart.