There are some that believe that they are fashion gurus but there are those professionals who may challenge their way of thinking based on their fashion choices. However, in all fairness, we really do live in a world where anything goes, but fashion enthusiasts say there is a limit when it comes to fashion.

Making the Wrong Choices

One of the easiest pieces of attire that mistakes are made with is with footwear. There is a right and wrong time to wear boots. There are some fashion experts that are adamant that UGG boots are just not meant to be worn year round. Once the wet slushy weather has passed it is time to carefully clean the Ugg boots and lovingly pack them away until the next appropriate season.

Be Aware of the Knockoffs

Anyone that is fashion conscious will be the first to admit that staying in fashion is an expensive pastime. Unless of course, one opts for the knockoffs. There is nothing wrong with this provided it is clearly being sold as a knockoff and the purchaser is not being duped into thinking that it is the real thing. Then once this is established it is worth taking some time to do a good comparison of just how authentic the knockoff really looks.

White Jeans

White jeans can look absolutely fabulous provided they are still snow white and stain free. Which in most cases they are not after a few launderings. But, there are some that love these jeans so much that feel a small stain or a little bit of yellowing is forgivable.

Really when it comes down to tacky fashion it is all about who you dress for. Do you dress in what makes you feel good and fashionable? Or, do you dress to meet the standards and scrutiny of others? Fashion is really a matter of taste.