There are many different components that can go into the making and design of jewelry, among them many different types of minerals.


Quite often people don’t know the actual name of the mineral being used in the jewelry that they seem to favour. Then there are others who believe that some minerals hold certain powers. It is said by some that the Amazonite is one of these. It gets its name from the Amazon River. It is believed to hold the power of peace and calm for those that wear it. It is an aqua green coloured stone and its beautiful hues do in fact create that sense of peacefulness.


For those who can’t make up their mind as to which gemstone they like the best then they can have it all when it comes to the Zoisite. This is a mineral that is comprised of several different gemstones

colours. It was only discovered in 1805. It originated in Austria. When it comes to its perceived power those that believe in this are sure that it creates a connection between the mind and heart. It is promoted as being the mineral of choice when it comes to combating stress.


There are many different gemstones that react differently in light and this is one of them. When the light hits it there are flashes of colour. So the jewelry that this is used in looks different in various light settings. This is the stone that is chosen by those that are going through changes in their life.

These are just a few of some of the unique minerals that are used in different jewelry designs. While most of the attention goes on the embellishments a lot of attention has to be given to the types of jewelry. Some minerals show better in necklaces while others are more appropriate in the ring settings.