Jewelry certainly does make up part of the fashion world. Canada has a great interest in this segment of the fashion industry. There are many jewelry designers throughout the country that have created many beautiful jewelry lines as well as unique pieces.

Etsy Designs

One of the most favoured online jewelry outlets is that which is found on Etsy. There are many different designers that contribute to the many different pieces of jewelry that are found on this platform.

Types of Jewelry Designs

The first thought that often comes to mind regarding jewelry is the gold band that is adorned with some type of jewel. Jewelry, on the whole, has outgrown this concept. Now there are many different components that are used in jewelry.

Knots and Pipes

This is an Etsy jewelry designer that works with unique components. It is industrial based and uses different hardware items which are turned into exquisite pieces of jewelry. The designer works out of the rural part of Ontario. The hardware mixed with sewing and crochet designs brings forth some very unique pieces of fine art.

Torched Studio

Those that want really unique pieces of jewelry they will check out Etsy and specifically focus on Torched Studio. The medium used in many pieces of this jewelry is enamel that comes in different shapes and colours. The pieces of jewelry created by this designer are uplifting and trendy.

FoldIT Creations

One of the things that makes jewelry intriguing is the shapes of the pieces. FoldIT Creations has capitalized on this. It is based on the art of origami that has been implemented into jewellery pieces. Some are comprised of the actual Japanese papers themselves. For those that like one of a kind jewelry that not only makes a fashion statement but is a conversation starter then this is the designer to focus on.