Canada is well known for its various forms of fashion and this includes what the jewelry industry has to offer. As with many industries, there are various associations that support them. For the jewelry industry in Canada, it is the Canadian Jewellers Association.

About the Canadian Jewelers Association

This is an association that has been there to provide support to Canadian jewellers since 1918. It is a national trade association. They are considered to be a major source of information for jewellers across Canada. The services they provide are really important which includes keeping those interested in this industry informed. They have over a thousand members which rely heavily on what the organization has to offer.


Finding good educational resources for those who want to become a jeweller can be a bit of a task. But, this organization makes sure that this is not a dying trade in Canada. To achieve this they offer some excellent courses which anyone can take advantage of. Then do not have to be members of this organization to do so. The mandate of the Canadian Jewelers Association is to encourage growth in the industry. There is a charge for the courses but they are reasonably priced.

Another great educational service that is provided by this organization is educating the buyer. They offer some great tips for doing this. It is surprising as to how many people are ill-informed when it comes to jewelry. Most make their purchases simply based on taste without knowing much more about the piece of jewelry they are investing in.

Industry Advocates

This organization is a strong advocate for the jewelry industry in Canada. They are actively involved in forums and reach out to related business and they have an input with some of the trade schools.

The members of this organization have a great appreciation for what it does.