With the preservation of the environment in mind, many are promoting the reduce, reuse, rethink concept that has been featured in the news of late.

Fashion and Reduction

Those that are fashion conscious are also concerned about how they can contribute to the reduction of waste. Individuals that are in fashion find that many of the pieces of clothing that they bought last year are just not fitting in with the fashion statement of the current year.

There are many now that are scrutinizing their choice of clothing in much greater detail. It may be something as simple as being careful as to what colours are chosen. There are some colours that never seem to become outdated. This is a measure of reduction albeit a small one but every action counts.

Fashion and Reuse

This is the easiest of all the three concepts to put into practice. Many of the fashion enthusiasts will donate their out of fashion clothing. In Canada, there are many outlets that appreciate any clothing donation they can get. The giver feels good that clothing that is usually expensive is not going to waste.

Fashion and Rethink

Rethinking comes down to being a smart fashion shopper. One can still be in fashion but doesn’t have to buy in excess. Learning how to mix and match can be a fun challenge and test one’s fashion skills.

Its Not Just the Buyers

The producers of the attire have their responsibility when it comes to reducing, reusing and rethinking. Many of the manufacturers have readily adopted this attitude. For example, Adidas has made over a million pair of sneakers from ocean plastic that was recycled and every pair sold. There are many other fashion suppliers that are adopting the same attitude which creates a win-win situation for everyone.