The world of fashion would not exist if it weren’t for fashion designers. This includes those from the past as well as the present and the future.

What it Takes to Be A Fashion Designer

A good example of what it takes to be a fashion designer is to take a look at the Fashion Exchange that is located in the heart of Toronto. This is becoming the location for many aspiring fashion designers to obtain their education. It is part of the George Brown roster.

A Special Program

What makes this learning portal even more special is that it is offering a Power Sewing Training Program. Not one that comes with a hefty cost for tuition either. It is a free program for youth at risk who have shown a keen interest in the fashion industry. So far there have been seven graduating classes that have allowed participants to enter into the workforce for fashion. The space used for these courses is also used as a working outlet on a small scale.

Other Programs

George Brown also offers other fashion related courses such as the Apparel Technical Design Program. Also, another one called Sustainable Fashion Production. Both of these are graduate programs.

Toronto’s Fashion District

Toronto has many malls and plazas and the downtown core that is loaded with retail fashion stores. But, the hub of the fashion district is located on Spadina Avenue which is historically known as Toronto’s fashion district.

Canada recognizes the importance of the fashion industry to the economy. Therefore it encourages many different programs to encourage students that are aspiring to become Canada’s fashion designers of tomorrow.

It is important for Canada to encourage those that are interested in fashion to pursue their education in this field. It will help to open up doors for them when they are ready to enter the working world.